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Play the popular card game Spades online. Team up with another player, bid a number, and take as many tricks as you bid to win the game. 

Spades and Game rules


There are four players and two teams in a game. And you team up with the player in front of you.

Deal and turn are done in a clockwise direction.


Before starting a round, each player will need to bid the number of tricks they will take. It can be from 0 to 13. And your bid and your partner's bid are added together. Each team will need to take that number of tricks to get more points and win.

Unlike other bidding games, Spades' game doesn't require the player to bid higher than the number of bids that the last player has taken. Be smart as you bid. 


The game uses the standard 52 card pack. After bidding, the cards will be shuffled and dealt. Each player will start with 13 cards from this pack. 

The card rank in each suit is: A (highest), K, Q, J, 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2.

Playing Spades

Each player hands out a card on a table. The card needs to have the same suit as the person who started. If you don't have any cards of the same suit yet, you can play any card. The special thing about this game is that if you play a spade card and there are no higher spade cards than yours in the trick, you will win that trick. Otherwise, you will lose that trick if you don’t have any cards that match the first card. Besides, if there are no cards that have the same suit as the first card, the first person will win that trick . The winner of that trick will be the first to play in the next round. 


The score of each trick will depend on the total bets of you and your partner. For example, if you bet 4, your partner bids 4 and both of you win 4 tricks, you and your partner will gain 80 points (8*10).  You can also bet nill, which is a very special case of the games. If you win zero tricks, you will gain a staggering amount of 100 points. However, if you are unable to fulfill your bid, your partner can do so for you (you can win three tricks and your partner can win five, for a total of eight tricks).But if both of you cannot get to the total number of bids, your team will lose 10 points for each bid. So if both of you bid 5, and get 4 tricks, your team lose 50 points. For each trick that wins more than total bids, you’ll also gain an additional 1 point. But beware the fact that you will gain the same number of bags equal to the points. And if the total number of bags equals 10, you and your partner will lose 100 points each, and the bag will be reset to zero. Both under-trick and over-trick will make you pay. So think twice before you announce your bet. 

The winner will be decided if a team has more than 500 points. If both of the two teams have more than 500 points at the end of a trick, the team with more points will win the game. 

Game terminology


When all four players throw a card, the person with the highest card value wins a trick or a book.


A hand is the series of tricks in which all the cards dealt to each player are played. Each hand is worth 13 tricks.

A series of tricks in which all the cards dealt to each player are played.


When you enter the game, you first need to declare your bid. It’s the number of tricks you think you will take in any given hand. Your bid and your team member’s bid will be added together and used to determine the team bid. And your team needs to get that number to win.


Contract is the number of tricks that your team must take for the hand so that you two won’t be docked.

Under trick:

Its meaning is just simple as it sounds. It happens when you can’t take the required number of tricks for a hand. In this case, your score will be deducted.


Bag or Overtrick is when you get more tricks than you bid. If you take too many tricks, you may get a penalty. However, taking a few tricks more than your bid can be a good strategy.


When a player doesn’t have any cards in a particular suit. A player needs to be void in at least one suit to play Spades as a trump. So, if you hold a few cards of a suit, you may want to void them.  


Having a card with a higher value than the cards that other players have laid down. Of course, the Spades suit trump all in this game.  


When you declare that you will get no books/tricks, you are declaring nil. If you accomplish this, you will get a lot more points!!

When you declare that you won’t get any tricks, If you can complete this, you can get more points. However, it incurs a penalty if you fail.

Game Tips

Game Tip #1

Look at your cards and determine the number of bags you can get then bid one less than that number. Your score will be deducted if you don’t reach your bid.

Game Tip #2

Try to clear Aces of clubs, hearts, and diamonds out there as soon as you can because your chances of getting spaded is higher if you use these cards later.

Game tip #3

Go for the card suit with the least cards. For example, if you have 2 low cards, you will want to get them out there early in the game. These cards can be powerful while other players are still using regular suits.

Game tip #4

Sometimes you don’t need to score the most points to win. If your opponent bids 3 and seems to rack up bags, try to get him/her to go over the bag limit. It can cause your opponents to get a penalty and lose their points.

Game tip #5

Understand the play style of your partner. As you two can’t communicate verbally, you should pay attention to your partner’s style. For example, if they lead with a low card, it means they aren’t strong in that suit.

Spades is a popular card game, and you can play it online for free on our site. No download required. Have fun!

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