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What is Classic Solitaire Blue?

Classic Solitaire Blue is a modernized version of the all-time classic card game. It responds to the players' pleas for "traditional" and "contemporary" to be married. It ensures hours of brain tickling and enjoyment with the classic solitaire gameplay we all adore and relaxing music. This is a must-play for all solitaire fans, especially when combined with the extremely polished graphics that Softgames solitaire games are known for! Enjoy this beauty of a card game!

How to play?

Sort all of the cards into the four piles on the left. First, pick how many cards you want to draw; one is easier for a novice, and three are more difficult. To determine the value of a card, flip it over and drag it onto any card of the opposite color and suit. The cards must be sorted according to their rank. The foundation of each pile begins with an ace and must be built in ascending sequence from aces to kings. A card, or a set of cards, can be moved to one of the seven columns as long as its rank and color suit is the same.

Trick to win

In the beginning, solitaire was a feature on computers to assist users to become used to clicking, dragging, and dropping objects on a screen. Although most users are already accustomed to using computer mice, the addictive game is still present on almost all modern computers and smartphones.

The game of solitaire is simple enough to pick up in a matter of minutes but challenging enough to be a challenge.

Here are some tips to help you step up your game.

Draw a card from the deck as your first move. 

Stacking all four suits in the bases is the goal of the game. Cards in the columns, however, can only be stacked together if they are of the same color and have a rank that is one lower.

To stack the cards effectively, you need to be able to disclose as many as you can. Why not disclose one additional card at the beginning of the game to boost your chances of being able to make a spectacular move?

Get the aces and twos out of the way.

You can't disclose more hidden cards with aces and twos. They'll only make you feel heavy. Once you have them, immediately place them in the foundation.

Don't leave an empty space.

The first card on an empty spot can only be a king. That empty space won't be useful to you if you don't have one to place there. You shouldn't clear a space just because you can, according to James Yates of Wait till you can insert a king. If you're not careful, kings can block everything up.
Consider a few turns in the future while choosing which king to play, and use the one that can help expose the most cards.

A red king will require a black queen, a red jack, a black 10, a red nine, and so on. A black king can be stacked with a red queen, a blackjack, a red 10, a black nine, and so on. Look to see which king has more cards that work with it, then play it.

The pile on the far right has more hidden cards. 

BVS Solitaire Collection suggests moving cards from the largest pile of face-down cards when there are several possible moves.

A jack of diamonds and two free 10s are present in the scenario above in the third column from the right. Either the 10 spades on the far right or the 10 of clubs in the second column from the left might be moved. More cards are concealed behind the 10 spades, thus it is wiser to shift it and make as many of them visible as you can.

Good luck and have fun!


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