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About FreeCell Blue

FreeCell Blue is a card game version that is different from the other versions of the Solitaire game. All 52 cards are dealt face up at the beginning instead of face down. This allows you to know the positions of the cards and plan your moves more strategically than in other Solitaire games.

How to play

Move the cards and arrange them in descending order of alternate colors. If you need to remove one of the tags but can't add it to one of the series, put it in the empty box. While you arrange the cards, try to release the Aces. As soon as you have at least one Ace available, you can start building the foundation.

Please keep the empty cells blank as you are only allowed to move one card at a time. However, if you have empty cells, you can move some more cards. The number of cards you can move simultaneously is equal to the number of empty cells plus one. For example, if you have all four empty cells, you are allowed to move a sequence of five cards.

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