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Klondike Solitaire Classic is the most commonly played card game in the world. It's a single-player solitaire game that uses a standard 52 deck of cards. The main goal is to organize cards of each suit in ascending order from Ace to King in the four piles.


Cards are shuffled and dealt out into 7 piles. The first pile contains one card, the second pile contains two cards, and so on until the last pile contains 7 cards. Only the top card in each pile is face up. The remaining 24 cards are put on the stock pile.


Cards in the column are played in descending order and alternating colors. Each time you move a card from a column to another column or tableau, the face-down card above it will be turned face up automatically. And this card is now available to play.

If a column is empty, you can place a King to fill that space. When you run out of moves, you can draw more cards from the stock pile.

In this game, you can use the Hint and Undo feature whenever you want.

Klondike Solitaire Classic is free to play on your Desktop, Android, and iOS devices.


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