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Play Mahjong Pyramids in a whole new setting. You will travel back to ancient times in the Mahjong Pyramid, an amazing matching puzzle game that you shouldn't miss the chance to experience! The Nile Delta, a famous place of Egypt is in need of your help to be transported back to its glory days here in the days of the Egyptian Empire. There are 12 levels to play in this game that you cannot miss. Meet the characters, follow the fascinating storyline and rebuild the ravaged area that can return to the good old days, becoming the treasure of the New Kingdom.

How to play

Mahjong Pyramids is a fast-firing mahjong puzzle game, your task is to match the tiles in pairs and complete the turn as quickly as possible. Each tile is a symbol engraved on its face, find two of the same tiles and match them together to remove them from the frame. When you have no more tiles left, you win.

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