What is Pandjohng Solitaire?

Our website will give you a truly wonderful, healthy, and enjoyable experience right now if you're willing to play this brand-new, fantastic game called Pandjohng Solitaire, which combines pandas, solitaire, and mahjong. Pandjohng Solitaire Game is available for all platforms. Enjoy yourself and have fun.

You have to draw cards one at a time from your stockpile. Select the cards that are one higher or one lower in value than your drawn card to remove them from the playing field. To complete a level you need to remove all the cards from the playing field without running out of cards from your stockpile. Cards are available according to mahjong rules. That is if there are no cards on top and at the same time on the right and on the left, then the card is available

Instructions to play Pandjohng Solitaire

To solve the mahjong puzzles, you use tiles that look exactly like poker cards, which you use when playing solitaire. You have a tile at the bottom of the screen, and you must match it with one from the piles that are one level higher or lower, which eliminates it. Using this method, remove one mahjong tile after another, putting them into the decks as you would solitaire cards, until there are none left, and the level is cleared. Of course, each new level has more tiles to match and a trickier placement for them, so concentrate harder. If you finish the levels quickly, you may get 3/3 stars, so keep an eye on the time bar on the right side of the screen. Sometimes special tiles appear, so click on them to use their abilities to clear more tiles in one swift go. We also wish you a lot of coins. Let's start having fun right now, rather than waiting for it to come to you!


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