Solitaire Mahjong Classic is a strategy game that will put your deductive reasoning and memory skills to the test. You have 15 minutes to match as many tiles as possible. Let’s enjoy Mahjong Classic: Solitaire for free!

How do you play Solitaire Mahjong Classic?

  • To eliminate 2 free tiles, match them. If a tile may be moved left or right without disrupting neighboring tiles, it is said to be free.
  • If any tile lies below another tile, it is impossible to match two similar tiles.
  • Player receives 1 star for completing the board, 2 stars for using no hints and undoing them, and 3 stars for using no hints and undoing them within a set amount of time.

Mahjong Tips and strategies

  • Look ahead: Before making a move, examine the entire board and make an effort to find as many matching pairs as you can. Choose the pairs that are blocking the most other tiles first. Use the Undo button to plan ahead by removing open pairs and peeking underneath these tiles.
  • Triples:  If there are three unoccupied similar tiles, thoroughly search the board for the best move. Find the combination that will allow you to release the most additional tiles. Therefore, combining A and B to produce two new tiles is your best bet.
  • Clear the top layers: The pyramid has five tiers, so remove the top layers if there are any tiles piled on top of one another. According to the Mahjong rules, if a tile is topped by another tile, you cannot choose that tile; thus, a stack of five tiles will contain four useless tiles.

Is Solitaire Mahjong Classic a free game?

Solitaire Mahjong Classic is a free game! When matching pairs of unblocked tiles appear, click on them to remove them from the board by turning and tapping the mahjong tiles. Take a free game today!

How to play

Left-click to select a tile.


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