About Solitaire Social

Solitaire Social is a patience card game with an optional quest system and an easy setting that lets you start out with all the cards piled in the columns.

A fun variation of traditional solitaire that lets you compete with live opponents! Join the hundreds of Solitaire enthusiasts from across the globe!

How to play Solitaire Social 

Start enjoying free, limitless solitaire games online. You can start playing right away because there is no need to download anything or register via email. Our game's mobile-friendly version has the internet's quickest load time. Playing the game:

  • Sequenced groups or stacks of cards in the tableau may also be placed on top of a card with a higher rank and an opposing color.
  • The final card in a tableau column is turned over and can be used if there are only face-down cards left.
  • An Ace must be played in order to begin a foundation pile. Only cards from that suit may be added to a foundation pile once it has been established.
  • If there are no other cards on top of any cards that have surfaced from the stockpile or tableau, they may be moved to a foundation pile if they can be arranged correctly.
  • You may only transfer a King to a column in the tableau that is unoccupied.
  • Achieve victory by correctly sorting all of the cards into the foundation piles.

Why Should You Try Solitaire Social? 

Single cards are quite well-liked by individuals. And it's not unexpected either, since memories of card games always go together with train rides and summer camp sessions. Thanks to your smartphone, you can reawaken the game's enjoyable pleasures. However, this programme has new features and capabilities in addition to the old and the known.

A new, more pleasurable card game experience will be produced via international tournaments and other modes. You won't be left alone in a strange world if you're new to the card game. You'll discover in-depth details on each feature the game offers. Additionally, you will be informed in greater detail when you acquire a new accomplishment or skill.

Features of the Solitaire Social

A wonderful version of the age-old Klondike / Patience version of Solitaire with many additional features including:

  •  Big cards with high visibility card suits and numbers for those of us with less than perfect eyesight 
  • Play normal Solitaire or a cool relaxed version (relaxed is all cards turned face up) - Play random hands or one of the many thousands of winnable hands 
  • The historical record of all games, go back and play the games you lost and improve on them 
  • Full undo for those oops moments 
  • Card hints for when you are in a hurry or simply stuck 
  • Card steals (sort of like cheats) for when you have one of those hands that you just cannot complete without a little help 
  • 16 different custom card decks to match your preference 
  • 18 different custom backgrounds for when you just need a change 
  • Track all of your play statistics  Daily quests just to add that little bit of extra excitement 
  • Phone and tablet support 
  • Autocomplete
  • Free to play

The Historical Importance of Solitaire Social

Everyone is aware that the card game Solitaire predates our ability to imagine. Solitaire was a built-in game that came with the Windows operating system when it was first released. The card game has seen numerous changes over the course of the system's long life. To appease users, different rules and features have been introduced and withdrawn. However, the players' memories and hearts were left with the classics, and even now you may still run into experienced players who are always coming up with new tactics and adding to the game's content.

It's due to the popularity of community games in general, and Solitaire in particular. And this game's adaptability and abundance of possibilities are largely responsible for its appeal.


You won't experience boredom again after trying Solitaire Social because there will always be something to do. Whether it's a long journey or a friendly competition at a pajama party. You can always rely on Solitaire Social to help you choose the most enjoyable method to pass the time!


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